THE WATERSHED – Bruce Dinsmore


Bruce Dinsmore is in the play THE WATERSHED

Playwright by ANNABEL SOUTAR


From Sep 20 – October 30, 2016 to Apr 6 – 15, 2017



The Watershed is Porte Parole’s most recent collaboration with Crow’s Theatre (Toronto) and acclaimed director Chris Abraham.




In this sprawling political story – but also Annabel Soutar’s most personal documentary to date – a Montreal theatre artist leads her own family on a cross-country journey, investigating the forces that are shaping the future of our natural resources.  Encountering leading freshwater scientists, government officials, activists and business leaders along the way, The Watershedcaptures Canada in a moment of acute political reflection in an increasingly polarized landscape.

(Credit: Porte Parole)



« The cast is superb. Bruce Dinsmore plays multiple roles, but he is especially funny as former PM Harper, a man who tried to present as a non-threatening authority figure but always radiated as being somehow… off. »

By: Randall King, Winnipeg Free Press – March 22, 2017


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(Credit – photos: Porte Parole)