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Born and raised in Northern Ontario, (Canada) Mr Chuipka (pronounced chip-ka) participated in all the myriad activities that one can enjoy in the snowy northern climes.   As a boy he was a voracious reader, who excelled in the sports of hockey, judo, basketball, volleyball and marathon running.

An honours student in high school, Chip went on to complete a B.Sc. at the University of Toronto, in the study of parasites and viruses. Following his sojourn in the halls of academia, Mr. Chuipka spent 2 years working his way back and forth across Canada, as a carpenter, truck driver, tree planter and bar tender.

These advanced courses in life would inevitably lead him to the all-consuming study of theatre. While training in performance, directing, and design, at the University of Saskatchewan under the tutelage of long-time Peter Brook collaborator, Henry Woolf, Mr Chuipka realized a deep and fulfilling passion for the works of William Shakespeare, Sam Beckett, Harold Pinter, Caryl Churchill and Sam Shepard.

In the years since, Chip has appeared in nearly 100 stage productions, coast to coast, including: National Capitale Nationale directed by Robert Lepage @ The National Arts Centre, Romeo et Juliet directed by Robert Lepage & Gord McCall @ The Harbourfront World Theatre Festival, The Butcher direccted by Roy Surette @

The Centaur Theatre, Waiting For Godot, The Caretaker, and Equivocation, directed by Del Surjik @ Persephone Theatre, The Tempest directed by D.D.Kugler @ The Ottawa Shakespeare Festival, Warriors & Lion in the Streets directed by Stephen Bush @ The Great Canadian Theatre Company, Cruel Tears directed by Kim McCaw @ Prairie Theatre Exchange, The Winter’s Tale directed by Sacha Marin @ The Centaur Theatre,   The Melville Boys directed by Edmund MacLean @ Theatre Newfoundland Labrador, American Buffalo , Glen Gary Glen Ross and Curse of the Starving Class directed by Jim Guedo @ Actors’ Lab.

For eight years Chip co-produced and performed in two highly acclaimed Shakespeare festivals (Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan & The Ottawa Shakespeare Festival)

In 1995 Chip moved to the beautiful city of Montréal, where he quickly established himself as a film actor. Some of his numerous film and television credits include featured roles in Brian De Palma’s Snake Eyes, Graham Clifford’s The Redeemer,   Euzhan Palcy’s Atikkka, Richard Attenborough’s Grey Owl,   John Smith’s Revenge of the Land, Manon Briand’s The Marilyn Bell Story, & Bruce MacDonald’s Platinum: Recurring roles on: Emily of New Moon, Being Human, 19-2,   Lassie: and guest appearances on: Made in Canada, The Lexx & Are You Afraid of the Dark.

Chip is a two-time MECCA recipient for best actor, and three-time Gemini nominee.


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